Monday, Jul. 11th 2011

Boris Malagurski’s new film, “Belgrade”, is currently in prodution. The film will present Serbia’s capital to the world and promote Serbian culture, tradition, music, food, and way of life to a worldwide audience.

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Belgrade’s energy, vitality, spontenaity and the heart and spirit of its people is what fuels the film team of this documentary film project, but we’re also in need of your kind support.

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The United States Premiere of Boris Malagurski’s film “The Weight of Chains”, Washington, DC

Tuesday, May. 24th 2011

On Thursday evening, May 19th, Washingtonians had an opportunity to see the documentary film “The Weight of Chains” by the young Canadian movie director Boris Malagurski.
They had a chance to be reminded of relatively prosperous and peaceful times before the breakup of Yugoslavia, to learn more about the facts and main culprits of the policy which led to the bloody civil war and ultimately to the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

The documentary is a collage of historical facts, archival footage, interviews and personal observations, put together in a very artistic way.
Malagurski has a clear and well documented understanding of the agenda of the West:
Yugoslavia was to be dismembered, former republics would gradually become colonies, dependent on foreign investment and a home to foreign military bases.
Carefully chosen images, supported by opinions of a very prominent diplomats, journalists, researchers and military experts provided very credible and valuable information.

The Washington premiere was attended by a staff from few embassies, NGO-s, RT (Russia Today satellite TV), journalists and many others who have a professional or personal interest in the film.

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The Weight of Chains in Belgrade!

Thursday, Apr. 28th 2011

The official Belgrade premiere of the controversial documentary film by Boris Malagurski, The Weight of Chains, will take place at the BELDOCS International Documentary Film Festival.

Belgrade premiere

Time: Friday, May 6, 2011 @ 9:00pm

Location: Velika sala Doma kulture ‘Studentski grad’, Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 179, Novi Beograd

Tickets: 120 din, available at the DKSG ticket office

Second screening

Time: Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 7:00pm

Location: Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Kosovska 11, Beograd

Tickets: 150 din, available at the Kinoteka ticket office

+ For information about tickets, call + 381 11 323 6189

+ Click here for more information.

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Eastern Canada film tour a complete success!

Friday, Apr. 8th 2011

“The Weight of Chains”, by Boris Malagurski, has finally premiered in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo and Hamilton! All of the screenings were a complete success, and the DVD orders have already started piling up. For those who enjoyed the film and would like to see it again, or if they missed their chance to see it, the DVD is now available for online purchase!

Cost: CAD $ 29,99 (+ shipping)

Language: English

Subtitles: English, Serbian

You need a credit card to make the online purchase through PayPal (a PayPal account is not necessary).

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